There are a number of things you should consider before choosing a new stove. The most important consideration is probably the output or size of the stove needed to heat your home. Select a stove that is too small and it will struggle to provide enough heat when the weather gets really cold, choose a stove that's too large and it will be inefficient and could lead to overheating.

Another consideration is the technology used in the stove and its build quality. This is an area often overlooked by purchasers who sometimes assume there's little difference between any of the hundreds of stoves on the market today. Remember investing a little more money in a stove can mean a warmer home, with less money spent on firewood and chimney maintenance.

The fun bit is choosing a stove to suit your home. At Adena Fires we have a wide range of styles on display, from the traditional to the ultra-modern, with some models available in a choice of beautiful coloured finishes to match your home's decor.



Once you have chosen your new wood-burning stove, you will need to make sure that it's installed, flued and commissioned correctly, so that it's both safe and efficient in operation.

Adena Fires are certified by HETAS to carry out the fitting and commissioning of all domestic wood and solid fuel appliances, for more information please visit:

Remember that any stove installed in the UK must be tested, CE marked and fitted to comply with Part J of the Building Regulations.