If burning wood, make sure your stove has a good bed of ash on the grate and open all the air controls. Put a small log in the stove, with a firelighter and few bits of kindling against it, light the firelighter and leave the door ajar.

Once the kindling is burning well add a another small klin dried log or two to the fire and allow it to start to burn well. This will warm up the flue to help provide a good draw.

If burning solid fuel follow the instructions for burning wood fuel, but first 'riddle' the grate to clear it of any ash, substitute coal for logs and use the air control for the bottom air to manage the burn rate instead of the top air control.

You should remember that burning solid fuels can greatly decrease the life of both your stove and flue liner. We recommend that you only burn kiln dried logs in your stove.


Once you have a good hot fire burning you can start managing the burn rate by using the air controls. First close the door fully, then the air control for the bottom air, finally using only the control for the top air to manage the fire.

You can now manage the heat produced by the amount of fuel and air you introduce into the stove. To produce more heat, simply add more fuel and air.