Terms and Conditions

1. All prices quoted are valid for 30 days from the date of the quote.

2. A deposit of 50% of the total quote including vat is required and payment is deemed to be an acceptance of these conditions.

3. The balance of 50% including vat and any additional amounts if incurred, is due on completion of the installation.

4. Any additional materials, alterations or work requested by the customer in addition to that listed on the quote will incur an additional charge.

5. If the existing site does not allow for an accurate costing, then this will be clearly indicated and an additional charge may be made to complete the work. If any unforeseen work or materials is required to complete the installation, than an additional charge may also be made.

6. Chimney sweeping, the disconnection of gas appliances, decoration or re-decoration, the fitting or re-fitting of skirting, the cutting or re-fitting of carpets or other flooring are not included, unless allowed for in the quote.

7. If scaffolding or a cherry picker is required to allow for safe working at height, then this will be quoted for and charged separately, unless allowed for in the quote.

8. It is accepted by the buyer that stone, slate, wood and other materials used are natural products and can vary in colour, texture and finish and may change colour over time. Please note that stone fireplaces tend to dry out and become lighter in colour over time.

9. The quote assumes unhindered access to the site and that the room is clear of any furniture or valuables that could be damaged.

10. If a fitting date is moved or cancelled by the customer within 10 working days of the fitting date then a fee of £200.00 inc. vat will be payable by the customer plus any reasonable costs incurred.

11. Adena Fires and Stoves do not accept any responsibility for any delays caused by the customer or those employed by the customer, including failure to provide access to site, the failure to complete any works required before the scheduled installation date or the failure to complete those works in accordance with the HETAS and Building Regulations.

12. Adena Fires and Stoves do not accept any responsibility for any delays outside of their control. Including delays to the scheduled work caused by the failure of suppliers or sub-contractors to provide any goods or services required to complete the installation.

13. It is accepted by the buyer that manufacturers and suppliers may from time to time change the specification of stoves, fires, appliances, flues and other parts supplied by Adena Fires and Stoves.

14. Adena Fires and Stoves will give a best estimate of the time required to complete an installation, but it is accepted by the customer that additional time may be required to complete the installation.

15. Adena Fires and Stoves take no responsibility for the soundness of the chimney or roof covering and any water leaks caused by a lack of maintenance, including the breakdown of any roof covering, lead work, flaunching or pointing.

16. It is accepted by the customer that multi-fuel and wood burning stoves require firewood with an average moisture content of 20% or less to operate within the manufacturers’ guidelines.

17. All work will be carried out to comply with all relevant regulations applying at the time of the installation, including HETAS, GAS SAFE and Section J of the Building Regulations.

18. All work carried out and materials supplied by Adena Fires and Stoves will be guaranteed for a period of 1 year from the date of the installation. This is in addition to any manufacturers guarantee. Please note that the guarantee does not cover baffle plates, stove glass, fire bricks or rope seals.

19. The title of all goods will remain with Adena Fires and Stoves until all monies owed by the customer have been paid in full.

20. Adena Fires and Stoves reserves the right to withhold any warranties, HETAS or GAS SAFE certification until any monies owed by the customer to Adena Fires and Stoves are paid in full.


'Adena Fires and Stoves' and 'The Wood Stove Warehouse' are both trading names of Adena Fires Ltd.